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Reader: Duh! Of Course Consumption Has Gone Up During COVID!

Maria Levitov
The COVID-19 pandemic could be changing the way we consume marijuana, according to a recent survey by commercial marijuana analytics firm New Frontier Data. In September, the Colorado-based company analyzed responses from around 4,600 pot consumers, evaluating the impact of the pandemic on their social practices and mental health.

Unsurprisingly, almost every respondent (98 percent) said that they'd changed their daily social behaviors because of the pandemic, and 72 percent said they'd changed the way they consumed marijuana with other people. Around 22 percent of participants reported that they'd stopped consuming marijuana with others since the pandemic began, while 11 percent said they had stopped using marijuana altogether.

In their comments on Facebook in response to our news story, readers agreed with some findings...and definitely wondered about others. Says Jay:
Have you seen the lines? Duh. Of course cannabis consumption has gone up during COVID. No study needed.
Adds Jennifer:
 I stopped drinking months ago and doubled down on weed. For sure.
Replies Daniel: 
Alcoholism rates have gone up along with weed use. For sure.
Responds Kacey:
Remote learning has a lot to do with increased alcohol and pot use, for sure????
Agrees Viktoria:
Fuck, yeah, I smoke like a mofucka, and my son is fifteen and lives with me full-time.
Wonders Jillian:
I don't know, this seems a little suspect: "...while 11 percent stopped using marijuana altogether." Who the hell are those people?
Says Michael:
In other news, the sky is blue, grass is green, and snow is cold.
Adds Erik:
And the water is wet!
Concludes James:
If your grass is green, it’s not very high-quality!
Marijuana users have pointed to stress and boredom as reasons for their increased consumption, and that's backed by the survey.

"Among the most common reasons consumers gave for using cannabis include promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety, and aiding sleep," writes New Frontier industry analytics director Molly McCann. "For many, the pandemic has subsequently heightened those needs."

Are you using more cannabis? Less? How have your habits changed? Post a comment, or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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