Ask a Stoner: What's Better, CBD Oil From Hemp or Weed?

Dear Stoner: Which is more potent and aimed at cancer treatment, hemp oil or CBD oil?

Dear Angela: Hemp oil from hemp seeds is not made for cancer treatment, but CBD oil extracted from hemp and psychoactive cannabis is. CBD is a cannabinoid found in both plants, and the chemical structure doesn’t change between them, but the quality and effectiveness of CBD can differ depending on what strain and plant it’s derived from. Hemp CBD is much easier to attain because of decreasing federal interference around non-psychoactive hemp, and it has shown potential in helping to treat certain forms of cancer. CBD products are also unregulated, however, so the quality and potency of hemp CBD oil still depends on a company’s ethics.

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CBD comes from both hemp and psychoactive cannabis.
CBD oil derived from psychoactive cannabis and grown by licensed cannabis businesses is subject to much higher potency and contaminant standards because of its stiff regulations under the Marijuana Enforcement Division and the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Although CBD products sold at dispensaries contain some THC because of state law, their quality and effectiveness are generally much higher than with CBD oil from hemp.

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