Ask a Stoner: Why Don't Dispensaries Sell Spliffs?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: Why Don't Dispensaries Sell Spliffs?

Dear Stoner: Why don't dispensaries sell spliffs? The coffee shops in Amsterdam do. Haven't seen a pre-rolled blunt anywhere, either.

Dear Scott: The coffee shops in Amsterdam can cut more corners than Colorado dispensaries can. Although it’s still technically illegal, Amsterdam coffee shops that sell pot generally don't get prosecuted if they stay in good standing with local law enforcement, but that also means the shops are unregulated. There are no politicians in the Netherlands debating whether coffee shops should be allowed to sell tobacco products or snacks without THC in them, because they're still trying to figure out how to legalize pot without pissing off the rest of Europe. Colorado lawmakers have no such hesitancy to draft pot regulations, however, nor do state officials.

Reserved...for spliffs only.
Reserved...for spliffs only.
Jacqueline Collins

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A Marijuana Enforcement Division rule bans the sale of any consumable tobacco products and alcoholic beverages in dispensaries, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and food products without THC in them, according to Vicente Sederberg attorney Corey Cox. That means no spliffs or pre-rolled blunts, unfortunately. But dispensaries can still sell blunt wraps and pre-rolled blunts made from hemp leaves, which have a similar burn to tobacco without the stench.

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