Ask a Stoner: How Can I Legally Grow Weed in My Back Yard?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Legally Grow Weed in My Back Yard?

Dear Stoner: I read that story about the couple losing their home for growing weed plants in their back yard. Is there any way to do it legally?
Farmer Dan

Dear Dan: A Washington Park couple caught growing four cannabis plants in their back yard wound up with a lien against their home and a myriad of other legal problems with the city, and it was all thanks to pot and some nosy neighbors. The couple thought a private fence around the yard met Colorado’s law requiring that all recreational cannabis be in an enclosed, locked space...but they were wrong.

Hemp History Week's Field of Dreams Campout in Greeley.EXPAND
Hemp History Week's Field of Dreams Campout in Greeley.
Danielle Lirette

Those enclosed, locked spaces must be inaccessible to anyone who is under 21, and merely claiming “No kids allowed” on your front gate isn’t enough. Also, any outdoor home grow must be enclosed (top included), with the plants completely out of public view. You’ll need to put your grow inside a shed or a greenhouse with darkened walls and a “ceiling,” or risk getting busted.

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