Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find a Dispensary in Southeastern Colorado?

Dear Stoner: I live in Lamar and am having a hard time finding a dispensary. Are there nearby towns in southeastern Colorado that have stores?

Dear Angela: Not all regions of Colorado are as accepting of legal cannabis as others. While the central part of the state, from Trinidad to Fort Collins, has largely embraced (or at least accepted) pot businesses, much of the Western Slope and virtually all of the eastern side of Colorado have not been nearly as welcoming. The closest dispensary we’ve found to Lamar is in Walsenburg, a solid two-hour drive away. Pueblo, Pueblo West and Trinidad have many more options, but those drives are slightly longer.

Despite its vast farming lands, southeastern Colorado hasn't embraced retail marijuana cultivation like Denver has.
Ben Droz
Although dispensaries are banned in many regions of the state, growing cannabis isn’t. You can always get a medical marijuana card and find a local caregiver to provide for you, or simply grow your own plants at home — as long as you adhere to state and local limitations. If you’re not ready to set up a growing operation at home, start badgering your city council members and remind your neighbors of all the tax dollars that Lamar is missing out on by blocking these businesses.

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