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Reader: Marijuana Legalization Spreading Despite Nut Jobs in Washington

Reader: Marijuana Legalization Spreading Despite Nut Jobs in Washington
On the Fourth of July, it's time to celebrate our liberties — including the right to possess and consume marijuana in Colorado. Governor John Hickenlooper has promised to fight for states' rights. Take that, Jeff Sessions!

Says Julie:  
Sessions needs to spend 24 hours smoking pot, then spend 24 hours smoking crack or heroin, then tell the world (that knows already) why marijuana should be removed from the DEA's Schedule 1 Drug classification. Likely, this is his path to repaying his big pharma contributors as MMJ is cutting into their profits.

If he's so concerned for our security, he should be looking into Russia and cyber.
Adds Ryan: 
Legalization was never intended to mean a free-for-all to do whatever the hell you want. It is not over-regulated and it isn't over-taxed. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be growing hundreds of plants (under the guise of medical reasons or because it's legal) without the proper licensing, and the state is addressing that. I guarantee if you get caught transporting homemade booze into Kansas there would be consequences...and there should be.

There will continue to be some sort of black market until it's legalized nationally. You don't hear of people getting busted for moonshine all that much because there isn't a black market for it. Same will happen with marijuana eventually. The ass-backward nut jobs running the government right now won't be there forever, and it's spreading in spite of them.
And then there's this from Miguel Lopez, founder of the Denver 420 Rally:
 Nothing is legal until it's repealed. It's over regulated. It's over taxed. It benefits big business and government cohorts. Marginalized communities are still being killed. 
What do you think of how Colorado has handled the legalization of marijuana. Where...and what...will you be smoking today?
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