Ask a Stoner: Where Did All the Shake Go?

Dear Stoner: Is it me, or is it a lot harder to find shake nowadays? Where did it all go?
Frugal Smoker

Dear Frugal Smoker: You can still get shake, trim or whatever else dispensaries label it nowadays, but you're right about its waning popularity. Budget-conscious consumers are actually benefiting from this, however, because better options are available for the same price as shake in 2021.
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Cannabis shake is still available at dispensaries, but consumers are flocking toward other affordable options.
Unsplash/Len Mora
Cannabis prices have been on a steep decline since early 2021, so much so that you can get an ounce of mediocre pot for less than $80 at certain stores. Popcorn buds from high-quality growers are extremely cheap right now, too, with half-ounces going for $50 to $60 after tax. That's pretty much what shake cost in 2020, but customers are currently getting significantly more for their money, pushing shake further into distillate extraction. If you miss shake that much, though, save time and use dispensary menu search options on Jane, Leafly or Weedmaps to make your shopping shorter.

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