Ask a Stoner: Should I Avoid All Forms of THC Right Now?

Ask a Stoner: Should I Avoid All Forms of THC Right Now?
Dear Stoner: I know I'm supposed to stay away from smoking to best avoid coronavirus, but what about weed overall? Are edibles good? What about vaping?

Dear Gator: Because of the damage both activities do to your lungs, smoking and vaping are risky during this pandemic. Earlier this month, a medical marijuana doctor told us that smoking weakens our bodies' defense against respiratory viruses, and recommended switching to edibles for the time being.
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Jacqueline Collins
But Aurelius Data, a plant-based medicine statistics firm, believes that any form of THC consumption can put you at further risk during the coronavirus pandemic, citing research published by the Journal of Neuroimmunomodulation in 2017 that studied mice with influenza that were then administered THC. According to the study, the stoned mice saw an overall increase in viral loads and a weaker immune system to fight influenza, which is known to carry symptoms similar to those of coronavirus. “It stands to reason that the same would hold true for coronavirus, and THC consumption could diminish the immune system of someone infected with the virus,” concludes Aurelius Data CEO Julie Armstrong.

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