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Ask a Stoner: Is Solventless Hash Worth the Money?

Peace of mind makes a difference when you’re stoned.
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Dear Stoner: Is solventless hash worth the extra money? If it is, does that mean butane wax is unsafe?

Dear Decker: As with most products at any other store, it all comes down to how much we’re willing to pay and how trustworthy the vendor is. If you’re a medical user making minimum wage, then maybe spending $65 for a gram of finely squeezed rosin isn’t prudent; instead, it’s time to surf menus for sales and value buys for solvent-based extraction products, such as butane hash oil, that you trust. If you’re flush with fat stacks, though, why not pay a little extra for the best?
Nowadays, most of the expensive rosin isn’t even squeezed from flower; it’s squeezed from bubble hash, so the final product is even purer and more potent while remaining free of solvents — which is why solventless hash is one of the fastest-growing product niches at dispensaries. Does that mean BHO is toxic? Not necessarily.
Properly purged solvent extracts shouldn’t carry harmful amounts of residual solvents, though we’re still learning about the long-term effects of dabbing. Going solventless just provides a little more peace of mind, which makes a difference when you’re stoned.

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