The Ten Best Winter-Themed Edibles in Colorado

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Many companies have holiday-themed edibles that we wait for all year; others have items that we especially enjoy during the holiday season. Here are our ten favorite Colorado edibles, to enjoy when there's snow on the ground and a chill in the air.

1. Bhang Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar

Bhang's Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar won the 2015 World Cannabis Cup for Edibles. Bhang specializes in edibles made with fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao; Cherries and Cream combines gourmet cherries with the company's award-winning milk chocolate bar and contains 180 mg of THC. Interesting fact: Bhang is a Hindi word describing an edible form of cannabis that has been used in India since 2000 BCE.

2. Blue Kudu Polar Caps

Blue Kudu only created 8,000 bars this season — so grab yours while the supply lasts. The Polar Caps bar is layered, starting with a top layer of dark chocolate, a base layer of white chocolate, and a coating of peppermint pieces in the middle. All of the chocolate is fair trade and created from a family recipe carried down five generations. The bar has 100 mg of THC and is breakable into 10 mg single-dose pieces.

3. Cheeba Chews Hybrid Caramel

Cheeba Chews Hybrid Caramel comes in a pack reminiscent of those used for gum. The edibles are easy to throw in your pocket and eat on the go. Each caramel has 10 mg of THC; there are eight in each box. The product is tested at three stages: the flower, the oil and the edible.
4. Coda Hot Chocolate

These handy hot chocolate sticks are available with and without marshmallows; each contains 10 mg of THC, and you can buy them in packs. Once you get the Coda sticks home, all you need to do is heat up some milk or water, drop in a stick until the edible dissolves, and enjoy!

5. Dixie Peppermint Dark Chocolate

Dixie's Peppermint Dark Chocolate bars are available year-round, but we especially love them during the holidays. Made with 70 percent dark chocolate, natural peppermint oil and pesticide-free cannabis, the bar is scrumptious. It's part of Dixie's medical line of edibles, so the THC content is higher — 500 mg per bar and 42 mg per piece. Consume wisely.

Keep reading for five more edible treats.

6. Incredibles Winter Mint

Combining smooth white chocolate with crushed peppermint, this Incredibles bar is perfect to munch on while you're curled up at home, watching the snow fall. Winter Mint is seasonal and only released during the holiday season, so get yours while supplies last. The bar contains 100 mg of THC and is broken up in 10 mg bite-sized pieces.

7. Love's Oven Ginger Snap Cookies

All Love's Oven goodies contain natural ingredients that are sourced locally and organic, when possible. For these ginger snaps, the company makes crystalized ginger in-house. The cookies come in packs of ten, and each cookie contains 10 mg of THC. Although these little loves are available all year, they're irresistible during the holidays.

8. Medibles Candy Cane

Medibles makes its Candy Cane edibles out of white chocolate in the shape of a cane or snowflakes; the canes are blended with red and green peppermint candy crunches, and the snowflakes are sprinkled with chocolate cookie crumbles. There are 60 mg in each treat.

9. Sweet Grass Kitchen Snickerdoodle

Sweet Grass won the Best New Infused Product award and the Most Popular Brand or Product at the 2015 CannAwards. Sweet Grass has an in-house cultivation to ensure the quality of its crop-to-table baked goods, and its snickerdoodle cookie is infused with slow-simmered, triple-strained cannabutter. Each single serving contains 10 mg.

10. Wana Brands Salted Caramels and Hot Cocoa

We couldn't decide between Wana's salted caramels and its chocolatey hot cocoa, and thought you'd like to know about both, too. The creamy and rich hot cocoa is available in both recreational and medicinal doses — 10 mg and 200 mg, respectively. The caramels are dusted with sea salt and are 100 mg each. Both are delicious and perfect for the holidays!

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.