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Mile High Salute: Wana Brands Launches Broncos-Colored Edibles

What's more American than weed and football?
What's more American than weed and football? Courtesy of Wana Brands
No color combination gets Coloradans going like blue and orange. Passionately supporting one of the most successful franchises since 1960, Broncos fans swell with pride when they spy the two contrasting tones — in a way that makes their significant others jealous. Now Wana Brands, one of Colorado's largest cannabis edibles brands, wants to lift you higher than the nosebleeds at Mile High Stadium.

As part of a limited release during the 2017-’18 NFL season, Wana will be selling "Game Day Gummies" at dispensaries throughout Colorado. The pot-infused candies come only in a combination of blueberry and mango flavors: blue and orange. "We’re always looking for new and fun ways to enhance our customers’ experiences,” says Wana co-owner Nancy Whiteman. “Our Game Day Gummies provide a special treat for loyal Colorado football fans who are looking to enhance their game-day experience with a cannabis product that can be consumed discreetly.”
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Wana says it only uses all-natural coloring and flavors for its gummies.
Courtesy of Wana Brands
The launch is an extension of Wana's Sour Gummies product line, one of the most popular edibles products in Colorado and a growing presence on dispensary shelves in Nevada and Oregon. But the company wanted to create something special for its original stamping grounds, calling its Broncos-themed candies a "tribute to the colors of the Mile High City."

Wana's Broncos-flavored chewables come in packs of ten, with each candy containing ten milligrams of THC, for a total of 100 milligrams. Instead of infusing its gummies with spray-on hash oil like many of its competitors, Wana uses tinctures, a liquid-based extraction known for a faster absorption process in the body.

Game Day Gummies should be available in dispensaries where Wana products are sold. Just make sure you eat them before going to the game: Public consumption of cannabis is illegal in Colorado, and that includes edibles. And, no, a bathroom inside the stadium doesn't count as a private area.
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