Ask a Stoner: Do I Have to Share My Phone Number With Dispensaries?

Dear Stoner: Why do dispensaries always ask for my phone number? What if I say no?

Dear Nettled: Who doesn’t want your phone number nowadays? Good luck trying to download an app or get a haircut without first handing over those digits. Dispensaries are up to the same shit as everyone else, and they want phone numbers for CRM software and texting services. It’s just easier for pot shops to get away with it because of all the identification steps required to get past the waiting room.
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Jacqueline Collins
You usually don’t have to comply — though I’ve been to a few slimy stores that won’t let shoppers in without phone numbers. There are plenty of reasons for not sharing your phone number, but handing it over isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you like the store, as dispensaries usually compile loyalty points or text flash deals in return for phone numbers. Dispensary purchases rack up fast, too, so you could be leaving some future free weed on the table if you don’t share.

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