Ask a Stoner: How Do I Report a Shady Marijuana Employer?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: How Do I Report a Shady Marijuana Employer?

Dear Stoner: Those pictures of mites and mildew on plants at were disgusting. What are marijuana employees supposed to do when they see stuff like that by a shady employer?

Dear Concerned: Other than tell us? Just kidding. (Not really; let’s talk.) There are a variety of routes that cannabis-industry employees can take if they fear repercussion. Marijuana cultivations and infused-product manufacturers in this city are subject to standards set by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, which has a tip line for anyone who wants to report growing practices that could be unhealthy for customers and employees. Although other cities and counties don’t have quite the same level of resources with which to watch over the industry, you can always contact OSHA anonymously if you feel unsafe at work, even in a marijuana grow. Cannabis workers are also protected by the Federal Pesticide Worker Protection Standard, specific safety requirements set by the EPA for agricultural producers that use pesticides.

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