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Za Packs Merges Denver Hip-Hop Artists With Cannabis

Colorado Myrical, Elvis Nunez and Baby Dyzz are the creative force behind Za Packs.EXPAND
Colorado Myrical, Elvis Nunez and Baby Dyzz are the creative force behind Za Packs.
Za Packs
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Denver muralist and graffiti artist Elvis Nunez and B Good Dispensary are collaborating with Denver hip-hop musicians Colorado Myrical and Baby Dyzz to launch Za Packs, a cannabis flower brand that highlights local hip-hop artists.

Denver hip-hop has been riding in the fast lane for a few years now, with artists like Trev Rich and the Reminders rising to national recognition — but it’s becoming more competitive for local artists to find creative, affordable ways to gain brand exposure, and that's where Za Packs come in. Artists collaborating with Za Packs curate their own cannabis strains to align with their creative visions, with each Za Pack including a QR code that directs customers to the artist's music and content online.

The first round of artists featured by Za Packs are TheyCallHimAP and Nay Renee, with more collaborations in the works. Although the main focus is giving a platform to hip-hop artists, Nunez wants visual artists to be included, as well.

“The whole idea behind Za Packs is to give back to the community. We hope to be a positive force for artists who might not have the support or tools they need to grow. We want to highlight the city with the culture that holds it together, merging weed and music," he explains.

Rapper Colorado Myrical (Dionte Wilkins) and his brother Baby Dyzz (Dominick Wilkins) have been a part of the local hip-hop scene for several years, and both see cannabis and hip-hop as part of a lifestyle. Myrical, who has helped expand exposure of Colorado musicians through his record label, Absolute Music Group, hopes Za Packs will help build a network of local artists connected via cannabis.

"The weed and music industry go hand in hand. For people interested in both, this is the brand that opens doors for them,” Myrical says.

Thanks to a quickly growing social media following, the brand's recent soft launch sold out in three days. Za Packs' official launch is set for April 10, with plans to sponsor local concerts (when they return) and mixtapes, as well as partnerships with more dispensaries, DJs and local creatives.

“We want to be a positive force for our community and local economy,” adds Nunez. “Instead of outsourcing, we want to directly support local businesses and artists."

Find Za Packs at Wolf Pac Cannabis, B Good Dispensary and the Healing Tree.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.