2011 Film On the Rocks schedule revealed

Film on the Rocks has become a rite of summer at this point for fans and a milestone in the careers of the lucky musicians who get to perform each year on the hallowed stage of Red Rocks. After

a fake version reportedly made the rounds this past weekend

, the actual

2011 Film On the Rocks schedule

has been posted, and from the looks of it, there's going to be some odd bedfellows this year as in year's past (our favorite:

Candy Claws


Top Gun

). There's also a number of national acts on the docket, including

Marc Broussard


Scars on 45

. The season kicks off on May 31 with the

Big Lebowski

and the


(back in business, apparently). See the full schedule below.

2011 Film on the Rocks Program Schedule Red Rocks Amphitheatre

05/31 - The Big Lebowski (Informants and the Itchy-O Marching Band)
06/06 - Footloose (Matt Morris & Le Divorce)
06/24 - Scott Pilgrim vs the World (School of Rock Denver / Boulder All-Star Jam)
06/22 - A Fish Called Wanda (Scars on 45)
06/28 - Edward Scissorhands (Ukelele Loki and the Gaddabout Orchestra)
07/05 - Top Gun (Candy Claws)
07/12 - Pineapple Express (Air Dubai / Larva Ink)
07/20 - Twilight (The Moderators / The Give)
07/25 - Goonies (The Centennial)
08/01 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day (The Chain Gang of 1974 / American Tomahawk)
08/08 - Jurassic Park (Marc Broussard)
08/08 - Stop Making Sense (School of Rock All-Stars Talking Heads Tribute)

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