2Cellos is bringing strings to Denver.
2Cellos is bringing strings to Denver.
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2CELLOS Ruins Valentine's Day for Thousands of Denver Fans

Denver 2CELLOS fans: All you'll hear tonight will be the sound of a lonely violin whining in your head. The cello-playing sex icons are stranded in their tour van and can't make it to town.

What's between them and thousands of starry-eyed lovers who hired babysitters and planned date nights at the Pepsi Center for tonight's Valentine's Day show? Bad weather and road closures.

If you're freaked out because you spent your last cent on tonight's concert, fear not: Your money will be refunded wherever you purchased your tickets.

“We are so sorry we can’t make it — we had a great time when we played Denver on our last tour, we were looking forward to playing an even bigger show at the Pepsi Center," the musicians write from their snow-blocked tour bus. "Unfortunately, the weather isn’t allowing us to get there this time. It is frustrating, we really wanted to play for you all. We will be back!”

But Valentine's Day 2019 will not. For many, it will be ruined. Others may still manage to redeem the night.

Here are some of our recommendations for Valentine's Day fun. You might not hear 2CELLOS, but you and your loved one can still make beautiful music together.

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