3OH!3 slated to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight

If the above tweet is to be believed, when the 3OH!3 hooligans perform two songs tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ("My First Kiss" and "Déjà Vu"), we can expect to see gold -- lots of gold, evidently. Oh, and massive amounts of chest hair (not as much of that, though, we hope!). The gold, of course, is in honor of Streets of Gold, the act's brand new record, which dropped yesterday. Preview snippets of the platter and watch excerpts of the Streets of Gold rockumentary after the jump. Set those DVRs to stun -- or be stunned, as the case may be.

Episode 1: Getting to Work

Episode 2: Jam Sessions

Episode 3: Happy 3OH!3 Day

Episode 4: Studio Magic

Episode 6: Love 2012

Episode 5: House Party in a Frat House

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