3OH!3 working on new album, calling it Streets of Gold

Hide your daughters/little sisters: Nat Motte and Sean Foreman are preparing to drop their third third full-length on eager hindquarters everywhere. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Foreman says they're tentatively shooting for a June release date.

After a 10-day writing session somewhere here in Colorado, they're in LA working with producers right now. According to Motte, they settled on Streets of Gold because, "It just felt right and big and epic and happy."

Simon Vozick-Levinson, later in the EW piece, baits the duo into addressing the apparent offensiveness in their lyrics. Because joking is what they do best, Motte tells Vozick-Levinson, "We're going full-ahead with the sexism and misogyny. We're trying to blaze new trails."

If anything about that quote sounds earnest or shocking to you, you clearly haven't been following the band for long. It's one thing to dislike the bluntness of 3OH!3's music, but it makes absolutely no sense to get all indignant about their message. If they are mocking anyone, it's themselves.

It's probably a stretch to say that we're excited about this album. The band's recent output, after all, has consisted of that crap-tastic Ke$ha song "Blah blah blah", a pretty inexplicable contribution to the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, and this song, featuring Lil John, who we didn't even know was still alive.

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