420 songs to jam on 4/20 at 4:20

Did you know today is 4/20? That means at 4:20, you get to smoke some of the sticky-icky-oooo-weee , put on the best chill tunes, and relax. As if this is different from any other day -- but today, you get to do it in the park while all your friends are with you, and the DPD can't do shit. Before you do that, though, you should probably check your to-do list and make sure you got to everything. Fortunately for you, we're supplying a compilation of twenty songs you need to listen to while knocking out that list, so you can still get high tomorrow and not run into the same problem...

... you ran into this morning when the cereal bowl was still in your bed, and the remote control was nowhere to be found, and the XBox controller's batteries were dead, and the dog hadn't been walked in 29 hours, and the ashtray spilled on your work shirt, and the lighter was out of fluid, and the alarm didn't go off, and the toilet was still running, and your dirty clothes outnumbered your clean clothes, and your cell phone was dead and missing, and your girlfriend was mad at you for getting high all the time, and your half-drunk PBR left a condensation ring on your diploma that was still sitting on the table from when you graduated and got too high to put it on the wall, and your mailbox was spilling over with Chinese take-out menus, and your TV was stuck on paid programming for a two-and-a-half-year supply of prime-cut sirloin and other red meats, but your phone was still dead and nowhere to be found, so you couldn't order anything off the TV or change the channel, which forced you to search for the remote control, and while looking, you happened upon a lighter that worked, which prompted you to look in your bed for the half-smoked bowl from the night before, where you found the bowl of cereal that had somewhat dried, leaving an impression of Froot Loops on your cheap white sheets that still needed to be washed, but couldn't be washed, because your laundry was still in the washer from the night before when you forgot to pull your clothes out, because you got high and instead juggled in your living room for hours on end listening to music before you had to go to work, which you were late for anyway because you found that joint that needed to be smoked while you looked for your phone charger, which was nowhere to be found because you actually left it in your backpack in your friend's car when he picked you up to go get high when you were supposed to be working, so you just ended up going to work with a dead phone, really stoned, and looking forward to the time later when you could go home and chill in bed with some video games and a bowl of cereal in some clean clothes that were freshly dried while your dog chilled at the foot of the bed and kept your feet warm while you scanned the channels for a decent Cartoon Network show that would put you to sleep comfortably with a freshly ground, completely over-packed, glorious, glowing bowl of the finest medical marijuana your friend who has a friend that worked at a dispensary off of Alameda and Broadway hooked you up with for a lower price than you were paying years ago because of the recent law changes that make it easier for you to get medicated because you feel like you need it so you can get stuff done.

My laundry is about to finish, and I have a meat order to cancel, so listen to this song twenty times instead.

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