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45 Second Reviews: Jaymay, Fat Joe, Ferras, Paul Benton

Paul Benton Grey Bridgetone Records

01:00-01:45 of “I Only See You” I think the lyrics “I only see you in all that I do, to the rest I am blind,” clearly exemplifies Mr. Benton’s knack for writing crap lyrics where he is that friend that we all have that gets super obsessive over a girl and can’t live his own life. I mean, really dude? How do you go to work everyday?

Ferras Aliens & Rainbows Virgin Records

01:30-02:15 of “Hollywood’s Not America” Oh my, I didn’t know that debut albums still came out from bands like this. I figured that adult contemporary was pretty much already taken care. You know, like you start out as a rock band like Seven Mary Three and eventually you just become adult contemporary. But these guys, wow, they just jumped right in.

Fat Joe The Elephant in the Room Terror Squad Entertainment

02:00-02:45 of “I Won’t Tell” Hmm. This is the kind of hip-hop that is made by someone who is comfortable with themselves. I can see that Fat Joe is okay with his ethnicity and his weight. In fact he seems to flaunt it. Sort of narcissistic if you ask me, he seems to think he’s all that and I don’t agree. Or is that me being narcissistic?

Jaymay Atumn Fallin’ EMI Records

00:00-00:45 of “Gray or Blue” This is adorable. It could someday be in an iPhone commercial. Oh my goodness, I just want to find Jaymay and give her a big ol’ hug! -- Thorin Klosowski

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