Weezer, seen here at Fiddler's Green, played the Mission Ballroom on Friday, August 29.
Weezer, seen here at Fiddler's Green, played the Mission Ballroom on Friday, August 29.
Miles Chrisinger

Reader: Kudos to 93.3 for Making a Weezer Concert Open to All

When radio station 93.3 turned the first half-hour of a Weezer concert into an on-air interview hosted by DJ Nerf, fans rebelled, demanding that the conversation end and the music begin.

Westword reporter Conor McCormick-Cavanagh was on the scene, and described the show as a failure in a scathing review. But some people tuning in to the channel enjoyed the chat.

Readers weighed in with their own take on the show.

Writes Tony: 

They could have played a longer set if it wasn’t for that interview that no one could hear even if they wanted to. If they want to do something like that in the future, it should be an early entry type of thing. Also, an hour is not a full show. They still rocked, though. 

Adds Alec: 

Great event, rude crowd.

Suggests Ernie:

This is what happens when radio stations are getting their asses kicked by podcasts. They try to podcast, and it fails.

Jests Jason:

"Maybe I'll get to hear a mumbling 30 minute interview instead of seeing the band play. That would make these $70 tickets really worth it," said no one ever.

Weighs in Katie:

I listened on the radio and was actually very impressed by the concept. I hope AEG and Iheartradio continue to do this and make live concerts accessible to those outside the venue! Loved it! Such a great idea! 

From inside the concert, McCormick-Cavanagh found the experience frustrating. The idea "backfired," he said.

"The interview felt stilted and lacked any flow," he wrote. "Drummer Patrick Wilson seemed annoyed that he and his bandmates were being put through the awkward back-and-forth."

While frontman Rivers Cuomo and rhythm guitarist Brian Bell entertained fans' questions, that didn't alleviate the audience's nagging urge to have the show start. And while radio listeners may have tuned in with enthusiasm, those who paid for the concert weren't having it.

Still, McCormick-Cavanagh noted, "The booing wasn't directed at the band at all. Instead, it was aimed at the hosts for undermining the fans' energy at the beginning of the concert and instead making everyone wait way too long."

Read the full review here.

Did you see the show? What did you think? What did you think of McCormick-Cavanagh's review? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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