9NEWS Suggests Medication and/or Therapy for Dealing With Hardcore Punk

9NEWS had a nice little segment earlier this week on how to overcome Fear, the classic LA hardcore band. Psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel stopped by the morning show to talk to Corey Rose about how they hate spiders and whether Lee Ving was being offensive or simply antagonistic in his lyrical output on the band's 1982 masterpiece The Record*.

To illustrate this debate, the production team at 9NEWS used that album's cover, first for a graphic suggesting some of the things that might have caused Ving to write such lines as, "I wanna fuck you to death."

It could be any of those things, although personally I think he was born with it. But don't worry, they also have some suggestions for how you at home can deal with Fear. They are:

1. Don't beat yourself up over it 2. Practice relaxation techniques 3. Engage in Systematic Desensitization, where you are gradually exposed to Fear 4. Medication

Now, I'm not medical doctor, but I think you can accomplish all those things by going to a hardcore punk show. There are some great places to do that in Denver, so find a show and start overcoming your Fear today!

*Full disclosure: I stopped watching the segment after the thing about spiders, which was maybe twelve seconds in. So some of this is speculation.

A tip of the hat to Wax Trax for pointing this out.

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