Turn It Up: A Drive-In Music Festival Is Coming to Fort Collins

Beanstalk Music Festival is headed to the Holiday Twin Drive-in theater in Fort Collins.
Beanstalk Music Festival is headed to the Holiday Twin Drive-in theater in Fort Collins. Beanstalk Music Festival
Concerts are shut down, music festivals are canceled, and the summer's looking grim. But music will never die, and now a drive-in music festival is coming to life.

Get revved up for Magic Beans' Beanstalk: At the Drive-in, a concept created by local band Magic Beans that is set for the Holiday Twin Drive-in theater in Fort Collins on June 26 and 27.

The lineup includes Magic Beans, Cycles, Great Salmon Famine, Kitchen Dwellers and Envy Alo.

Unless you bring your own killer speakers, don't expect stellar sound. The performances will be played live from a stage, shown on two drive-in screens, and piped into cars and headphones over short-range FM radio.

And don't expect mosh pits...or even elbow-bumping. Spaces will be left between cars to ensure adequate social distancing.

"The vibes will be high," explain the organizers on Facebook. "Please exercise personal and collective responsibility for keeping it clean. If you do not, we will exercise our right to escort you and all those that came in your car off the site. It’s all good though cause we know everyone is mature enough to handle this. We’ll be taking precautions too and making it easy for you to stay safe. More info on that to come."

Live music is back, and despite the limitations of a drive-in concert, we're happy something is happening this summer.

Tickets, $120 to $260, are currently sold out; go to the Beanstalk Festival website for more information.
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