Corpses album">

A first look at Foodchain's new video for "Yes Indeed (G-Girl)" from the Corpses album

Foodchain, still riding high off the re-release of its Showoff Digital debut, Corpses, and the acclaim the crew has earned from respected rap heads like Statik Selektah, Big Pooh and Talib Kweli, is back with the second video from the record, "Yes Indeed (G-girl)." Before pressing play, you have to commit to watching it at least twice.

The video opens with a quick clip of a pretty lady clad in lacy tights appearing to be "working" the MPC -- a detail easy to miss on initial viewing -- and goes right into the crew's ubiquitous logo.

The track, no doubt produced by Mass Prod, sounds like a mash-up of tinkling glass, staccato sound vocals and an 808. Like the perfect math equation, each sound pulls its own weight in the pursuit of a full sound, and it's not only good, it's fucking good.

All the members of the band make an appearance in the video, but Champ Sound Killa Black and F.L., lyrically, as well as literally, set the track on fire. Mass Prod on the keys is like fuel to the flame.

The video is black and white with a cinematic rhythm similar to Craig Mack's posse remix for "Flava in Ya Ear" -- you know, the one with Puffy clinking glass Coke bottles together singing for the bad boys to "come out and play" ala The Warriors? That one. Or more recently, Pharell and Snoop Dogg for "Drop It Like It's Hot."

Either way, Foodchain did this (with Focus 4 Design), and the cats did it well. Coolest frame has to be drummer Alex Armstrong playing with the essence of cool while two ladies on the keys get down to the beat.

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