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A first look at Hearts in Space "Shores of Time" video from the band's new Already Gone EP

It looks like Audio Visual Violence Club has been busy lately. On the heels of the recent video for Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's "Like a Moth," the Violence Club just dropped a video for "Shores of Time," the lead track from Hearts in Space's new record, Already Gone, slated for release this Friday, November 11, at the Larimer Lounge. The video, which appears to have been shot in Predator-vision, is going to be familiar to anyone who has seen a bulk of AVVC's work, but this one seems slightly different than the usual cut-up, distorted shots the editors are known for.

The clip does, however, still have tons of random footage from old films, and it captures Hearts in Space's sound remarkably well. The band doesn't really sound like surf rock, but there has always been a little bit of it buried in there. So when the waves are crashing down on the surfers at the beginning of the video and the distortion is going all crazy, it works really well. Like most of AVVC's videos, there are also a bunch of possible metaphors going on, including an effect that makes it look like a house is on fire and the repeated showing of "emergency stop" sign. The whole thing has a weird, haunted-house-on-the-ocean vibe to it. Have a look.

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