A first look at Pries's new video for "Born to Fly"

Pries is known for catchy hooks and personal lyrics executed with a signature delivery that can easily be distinguished from the rest of the fray. The videos he's churned out thus far, including this one, keep with the theme of stripped down visuals to accompany his charismatic theatrics.

For his latest effort, "Born to Fly," he captures the moments of a self-made rags to riches type success story, while describing the reality of where he's from. Lyrically, Pries is a story-teller, so standing in the proverbial alley of dreams with car headlights for illumination (giving the shot a nice artful touch) serves him well.

He talks about fatherhood and poverty, but it's not with the typical "woe is me" nomenclature. The song (and ultimately the video) are about foundation: Where he's from, what his current existence looks like, and where he hopes to go, based on the premise that he was born to do it. The melody is killer, and Pries is simply a natural in front of the camera.

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