A first look at the Epilogues' "Hunting Season" video

Not sure if the Epilogues' new video, "Hunting Season," directed by Dillon Novak for Montauk Media, is meant to be scary (we suspect not), but it nonetheless scared the crap out of us, mainly because we harbor a latent fear of being buried alive. Not that we're that big of fans of the alternative (you know, being dead), mind you. It's just we find the notion of having our breathing forcefully impeded by inhaling dirt, well, rather terrifying.

And filming at the site of the Hayman fire makes for an equally foreboding backdrop in its own right. The clip, as you can see below, is very well done and very much on par with what we presume are much bigger-budget videos that we've seen from much higher-profile major-label acts.

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