Reader: Denver Is Pimping Our Parks for a Superfly Music Festival

Overland Park golf course: Perfect for a park and event venue?
Overland Park golf course: Perfect for a park and event venue? City of Denver Golf
Superfly and the City of Denver announced on Thursday, April 27, that they would be moving forward with contract negotiations on a project that would bring a massive music festival to the city-owned Overland Park Golf Course.

Some readers wrote in with enthusiasm about the project; others accused the city of selling out our public parks.

Here are a few of the comments:

John wrote:

When Denver is done pimping our parks, what's next?

Dan wrote:

I think Denver residents should get a vote on this one.
Nate wrote:

It needs to be banned. Denver step in don't allow the dirtbags to trash our community like the 4/20 scum did!
Chris wrote:
A new place for the homeless to sleep after the golf course is destroyed.
D.J. wrote:
Haha get off my lawn comments are hilarious. Come on nerds. Think big picture here.

Ed wrote:
Whiners...This is great for the local economy. Look up what Outside Lands does.

What do you think? Will a new music festival on this publicly owned golf course be a benefit for the city or a scourge for the community?
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