A Proposed Cinco de Mayo Song for Colorado

So, when I first heard the song “Colorado” by the Tijuana-based Nortec Collective with its chorus line of “Run, Colorado! Run, Colorado!”, I thought it was either exhorting illegal immigrants to head towards our fair state or run away from it – a lyric that takes on new meaning given Rep. Douglas Bruce’s recent labeling of workers from south of the boarder as “illiterate peasants.” I thought it a good future possibility for state song, given that it sounds more hip than John Denver’s white-bread “Rocky Mountain High" and will better reflect future demographics.

But then I listened closer and realized it was about a Mexican guy in a red (colorado) car who drives across the boarder while running from the federales. So now I’m thinking the tune should instead be named the official state song for Cinco de Mayo cruisers running from the police on Federal. Run, Colorado, run! –- Jared Jacang Maher

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