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A shoe was used in an attempted stabbing at Cervantes', and Will Howze turned it into art

The shoe is black and has a four-inch heel. It entered Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom on Friday for the SnowBall After Party as a piece of clothing. Late in the night, it became a weapon. And soon, it will return to Cervantes' covered in paint, thanks to Nerf gun artist and passionate music fan Will Howze.

He's working on the shoe right now, Sunday night at SnowBall Music Festival itself, while Pretty Lights provides a bombing of bass in the background. Howze wouldn't start by describing what he is doing to the shoe as art. It's not a sufficiently populist description for him. He has named it, however. Holding the thing aloft, he proclaims it, "The Ph.D of Ratchetology."

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