A soulful diva entreats you to Jump Start your month with dubby disco and house

Club night and rave fliers tend to be...not elegant. Loud, crass, busy and clumsy are the rule of the day. Ugly, even. So it's nice and refreshing when you see one that's simple, clean and appealing, such as this week's top flier pick for Jump Start, a monthly disco and house night at 3014.

Starting with what looks like a classic soul record cover (Is it? Can someone identify it for us?), complete with minor water damage at the top, the designer here wisely took the path of least resistance. No need to go photoshopping the hell out of everything in sight or overlaying reams of text on everything.

A simple logo that fits the aesthetic of the image, just enough information to convince potential attendees to come out (that two-for-one happy hour is good news no matter what the design!) and a simple shadow/echo effect on some of the type.

The image works to sell the music it advertises, the elements work together in quiet synchronicity, and the whole thing comes together with elegance and charm. It doesn't take much to make a flier pop, and this flier pops. We'd pick this flier up to check out the event -- hell, we did -- and that's what it all comes down to.

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