A useless apology to the Pirate Signal

A brief story: Our Best of Denver issue came out this week, and among the winners was the Pirate Signal, for their hip-hop mixtape Of Gods and Gangsters, Vol. 1. So as the lowly web editor, I included their photo in a slideshow I put together of the arts and entertainment winners. How thoughtful of me, right? Yeah. Well. As more than one hip-hop fan has noticed, I included a picture of the wrong damn MC, swapping in a photo of Mane Rok for the above shot of the Signal's Yonnas Abraham.

Pretty effed up right? Congratulations! We don't even know what you look like! Well it gets worse. See, I've since corrected the slideshow, but in my infinite ignorance, I also included the Mane Rok shot in print edition's Web Table of Contents. And that, it seems, you can't fix. (No wonder print is dying; you stay an idiot forever).

Anyway, the moral of the story is, I'm a moron, and I regret the error, as morons often say. I guess those people in Buffalo know what they're talking about after all.

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