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A Very Strange Night in Pueblo With the All-American Rejects

In an effort to celebrate the end of the semester for Colorado State University-Pueblo students and perhaps to regain a bit of relevance, The All-American Rejects made the trek down south for a show on the college campus. But it turns out that even in a small town that seems to be stuck in a 2006 time capsule, nobody was willing to pull out their old AAR shirts from Hot Topic to even pretend to give a damn.

In a video posted on the band’s Facebook page, The All-American Rejects can be seen traveling through Pueblo and then heading to local favorite The Downtown Bar, where only one woman recognizes front man Tyson Ritter. The video goes on to show the band sitting alone in a booth and playing trivia, Pueblo still either unaware or unfazed by the musicians’ presence.

Aside from an initial concert announcement in the Canon City Daily Record, no media coverage of All-American Rejects in Pueblo took place. Felix Cordova, online editor for the alternative newsmagazine Pueblo PULP, says that Colorado State University-Pueblo “did a horrible job of getting the word out” about the show. Perhaps the lack of media attention explains why it took nearly two weeks for Pueblo residents to notice the band’s video on the Facebook page, and even then, it wasn’t The All-American Rejects that the town cared about.

Toward the end of the video, guitarist Mike Kennerty says Pueblo’s people are “really, really, really fucking nice,” and drummer Chris Gaylor argues, “Except for the guy who hit the girl at the bar last night.” The two are referring to a physical altercation, which can be seen in the video.

Colorado University-Pueblo booked the band for their summer send off. In previous years, artists like Ludacris and Kanye West and Gym Class Heroes performed for sold-out shows at the university. After Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 2014 performance fell flat with students, university officials decided to look for a band that more students could relate to. It seems, however, that the 2015 show wasn’t hitting home either; the $10 student ticket prices weren’t driving sales and a $25 general admission ticket became available closer to the concert date. Officials from the university’s Office of Student Engagement and Leadership would not comment on the total number of tickets sold for The All-American Reject show.

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