About Last Night: Boon Doc mops up competition at Red Bull Big Tune

About 700 hip-hop heads came out to Beta Nightclub last night to see twelve producers battle toe-to-toe in Red Bull Big Tune competition. Among the familiar faces that competed included Yonnas of the Pirate Signal, who was surprisingly ousted in the first round by Xperiment of Educated Figures. There were some grumblings in the crowd that there should have been a panel of judges to decide winners instead of letting the crowd decide who gets to move on to the next round.

Other familiar faces included DJ Vajra, who has been trying his hand at producing lately, and DJ Psycho, both of whom met in a semi-final battle. DJ Psycho came out on top over Vajra and went onto face Boon Doc, aka Boonie Mayfield (known recently for producing Mr. J Medeiros' excellent EP) in the final battle. When the two faced off, Boon, who had been dominating every opponent all night, maintained his momentum and just couldn't be stopped. While Psycho's 808 kicks and sounds got the crowd moving, the crowd went insane with every beat Boon dropped. His style, which is comparable to Just Blaze, easily sealed the victory. Just the same, both Boon Doc and Psycho will represent Colorado at the national finals in Atlanta in October.

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