Accordion Crimes and the Autumn Film latest acts to seek out funding through Kickstarter

Kickstarter may very well be the best invention aiding music makers everywhere since the advent of amplification and, uh, electricity. While the notion of appealing directly to fans to help underwrite recording efforts strikes some as distasteful or even shamelessly opportunistic, these sorts of endeavors have, for the most part, proven to be incredibly successful (see Choke the Word).

Accordion Crimes and the Autumn Film are among the two latest outfits turning to Kickstarter for an assist. The former act is planning to launch its campaign in September in an effort to help fund its forthcoming 12-inch, Songs to Drive Wives Away, while the latter is looking to wrap things by then.

With twenty days left in its current drive, the Autumn Film has raised $3,714 toward the $8,008 goal to deliver the new album, 8-Track Tape, thanks to the graciousness of 114 backers. As with most of these sorts of initiatives, there's a variety of offerings depending upon the level of investment, everything from advanced digital download and signed physical copy to the opportunity to host a house show at the highest level. Watch their appeal below and then feel free to, ahem, kick in if you feel so inclined.

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