Accordion Crimes covered by chiptune moonlighting Ideal Fathers, awesome ensues

Hey kids, here's something fun, free and fresh to fill up your ears and digital music playback devices this fine Monday morning! It's a groovy chiptune cover/remake/remix of the Accordion Crimes fine tune "Potshots," done by the Ideal Fathers' Mike King. Here's let's let him explain it:

"Not much story behind it. I had some free time, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at an Accordion Crimes cover," he says. "I like the song, and it has that great lead melody that kinda begs to be a square wave."

That melody's begging pays off, big time, because it fits perfectly as a square wave. As a matter of fact, once you hear the square waved version, you'll have a hard time not hearing it in the original (both embedded below for your easy-comparison convenience). And don't mind the fact that the Accordion Crimes versions is labeled "Higher quality version of this" -- it is, in fact, the original version of "Potshots" with an odd label.

This isn't the first time the Fathers' King has gone chiptune -- he turned the 8-bit magic on the Fathers' own "Failing at Friendly is not an Option" to create the excellent "Failing at Nintendo is not an Option" (covered here last July!). It also won't be the last -- King reports he's thinking about a doing a project based on covering other local acts in chiptune. If you've always wanted to hear your band's heavy metal bubblegum pop hit in the form of an old Megaman soundtrack, you should get in touch with the man (try the Ideal Fathers MySpace page).

<a href="">Potshots (PEW! PEW!) by Ideal Fathers</a>

<a href="">Potshots by Accordion Crimes</a>

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