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All Leather

Justin Pearson has made a career out of being annoying — but it's a brutal, funny, sublime, uncompromising and at times even groundbreaking kind of annoying. With his main band of the past fifteen years, the mighty cyber-grind outfit the Locust, on an apparently indefinite hiatus, Pearson has poured his efforts into a new trio, All Leather. The band's full-length, When I Grow Up I Wanna Fuck Like a Girl, delivers on the promise of its debut EP, Hung Like a Horse: Both exude a cold, spastic sexuality that's manufactured in a contraption consisting of pneumatic beats, trashy yet tightly controlled synths and Pearson's distorted, monotone marching orders. Invariably, those orders point toward the dance floor. Disobeying is not an option.

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Jason Heller
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