(Alternate) flier of the week: Yerkish at 3 Kings Tavern

Looks like we've got dueling fliers in this week's pole position. Not that the one picked by our esteemed colleague this week isn't completely worthy, because it most certainly is; it's just that this particular one, hyping a Sunday, May 24, date at 3 Kings featuring Yerkish, Burn Sand Burn and the Limbs, is so freaking eye-grabbing. It comes as absolutely no surprise that the distinguished gentlemen of Yerkish -- or, more specifically, Ryan Eschenbach -- are responsible for this spectacular handbill. Eschenbach is considered by us to be one of the top designers in the scene (ranked up there right beside Eric Halborg, Jonathan Till and Eric Fletcher) primarily for his creativity and attention to detail. For instance, if you pay especially close attention to the barcode in the lower left hand corner, you'll notice a family of stick figures busting out of the, um, bars, above the words "escape" and what appears to either be "captivity" of "captives." Genius, we say. (Get a better gander of the barcode after the jump.)

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