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The Germany of popular imagination is a place ruled by efficiency, order and a rigid, uptight worldview. How is it, then, that so much incredibly sexy, funky house music originates there? Okay, the fact that so much of it is of the stripped-down, minimal variety lends credence to that whole efficiency idea. And no one will deny that house music's 4/4 march is the very definition of orderly. But where does the slinky, liquid-jointed sexiness come from? Maybe you can ask Âme, an act that epitomizes the best of Germany's contribution to house music, at the Beatport Pool Party on the Beta Patio this Sunday, June 8. From 4 to 8 p.m. this superstar act, perhaps best known for the 2006 club hit "Rej," will recast ideas of German music from the bloodless unfunkiness of "Sprockets" into sensual, hip-swinging grooves bathed in shimmering synthetic strings and shiver-inducing filter sweeps. Drawing on classic New York and Chicago house and Detroit techno — not to mention jazz and soul — Âme pushes all the right buttons with its boundary-defying sound.

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