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...And the Black Feathers

While the ellipsis in front of ...And the Black Feathers might immediately draw comparisons to, well, a certain other band that has three dots before its name, that's essentially where the similarities end. That much is clear from the slow strum of the reverb-drenched guitar on "Evol (Part 1)," the opening track on Love on the Lam, which was released earlier this year. And on "Evol (Part 2)," it's even more apparent that these guys lean toward muscular, raw rock, maybe even with a peripheral respect for Danzig-era Misfits. The trio injects a healthy amount of energy into most of the disc's seven tracks, especially "Lover" and the fuzzed-out "Punch Drunk." For a threesome, ...And the Black Feathers packs a particularly hard and gritty punch.

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