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Andy Ard

At the decade's dawn, transplanted Georgians Andy Ard and Rachel Simring established themselves in these parts as an acoustic duo cleverly dubbed Rachel & Andy – but while the subhead of a 2001 Westword profile declared that they lived "in perfect harmony," the truth was more complicated, as it usually is. Now, eight years after the pair split personally and professionally, singer-songwriter Ard, assisted by producer Eric Shiveley, returns astride a modest five-song EP that serves as a reminder of his talents. "Camp Ootahneenohchee" is a too-frantic goof that feels strained, but "That's What She Did to Me" and "Baby Don't Care" touch on rockabilly without succumbing to shtickiness, and "Wonderful" and "This May Be" gently evoke romantic possibility. They represent a fresh start, and a welcome one.

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