Animal Collective: The Movie. The Soundtrack. The Trailer.

In case you were unaware, the darlings of the music industry have decided a regular music album wasn't enough and moved into the visual arena. Yep, America's favorite eukaryotic organism-themed band, Animal Collective, has teamed with filmmaker Danny Perez to make what it's coining a "visual album" titled Oddsac.

Before you get your 511's in a bunch, keep in mind all that's available at the moment is a thirty-second trailer that looks like something David Lynch might have vomited in his sleep and features some type of forest wizard with his head on fire at the end. The whole thing looks like it'll be about as soft as a lightening bolt to the face to watch. Call us skeptical if you want, but if this lasts for a full forty minutes, we might need to pull out the 500 mg Tylenol and take a nap after this debuts later this year.

The idea of a visual album isn't new; when we first read the news we initially thought of the DVD extra that came with that other New York experimental-post-noise-art-dance-punk-prog-rock band Liars on their 2006 album Drum's Not Dead. The DVD featured some showy art-film companions to the album, and was, for the most part, unwatchable -- or maybe we're just not high-brow enough to get it.

After we thought about that for a while and even watched the DVD for about five minutes, our attention shifted back to Animal Collective and their "might as well be weird attitude" to think of other strange musical and visual amalgamations. Obviously music videos are one way to do this, but those tend to be three or four minute songs with moving pictures dancing in the background.

One thing that did come to mind is Rick Wakeman's King Arthur on Ice, which we're pretty sure is only available on VHS at this point, but luckily YouTube exists and features some difficult to make out, but nevertheless awesome, footage from the event. Keep your eyes peeled for a knight-fight on ice, a three-headed guitar and some absolutely unfettered creativity in motion.

Okay, maybe making the stretch from Animal Collective's visual album and Rick Wakeman's ice capades was a bit extreme but it seems like a natural association based on the trailer.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.