Apples in Stereo energize Pepsi's new ad campaign

Photo: Joshua Kessler

Apples in Stereo energize Pepsi's new ad campaign
So, have you caught Pepsi's latest commercial? Notice anything remarkable about it? Besides, of course, the inexplicable, reworked-for-what-seems-like-the-umpteenth-time, futuristic-looking logo? You know that gorgeous, sun-kissed, audible goodness you hear playing in the background? Uh-huh, that's the Apples in Stereo. Pretty keen, eh? We caught the commercial over the weekend and meant to make mention of it yesterday, but as you might have heard by now, it was pretty tumultuous around here, and we ended up spacing it. Stereogum didn't, though, and their short writeup directed us to another insightful New York Times piece from 2001, in which Schneider and company discuss licensing their songs.

In related news, Schneider has been busy penning kid's tunes under the nom-de-tune Robert Bobbert & the Bubble Machine. According to the folks at Wired, who received an advance copy of the disc, slated to be released on Tuesday, January 20,
"Robbert Bobbert combines catchy lyrics with non-traditional instrumentation to create an infectious sound that's fun and easily accessible." While we've yet to hear the record, based on the video posted below, we can certainly co-sign the fun and easily accessible part. -- Dave Herrera



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