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Ash From Sweat teams up with three labels for a joint international release of its next split 7-inch

Local imprint, Ash From Sweat (To Be Eaten, Zombie Zombie, Collapse) which just celebrated its tenth anniversary last month, preparing to enter it next era with the release of a split 7-inch split with Norweigan band Wits End and the DC-based Perfect Future. While that in itself may not be all that noteworthy, the way the record is being released most certainly is: Ash From Sweat has struck up a partnership alliance with three other labels for a joint global release.

For this particular release, Ash From Sweat will be working with strictly no capital letters from the United Kingdom, Ödebygd from Sweden and Carucage from St. Louis. For its part, Ash From Sweat has been heading most of the project. "I had the lacquers cut at Aardvark, did the vinyl order, assembled all the artwork," says Ash From Sweat co-head Dan Phelps, "I've gotten input, guidance and funds from each party and just went from there."

The project was initially started out of a simple case of mutual respect: "The dude Andy, who runs strictly no capital letters, was the first across the pond to distribute Ash From Sweat releases. He's told me before AFS is the reason he runs his own label," says Phelps. As for Ödebygd and Carucage, it's simple a matter of working with other indie labels to get the job done quickly. Of course, the bands had a say in it, too. "Perfect Future stayed at my house for three days and it was a blast," says Phelps. "They eventually asked me to be one of the labels to help do the record."

It's a great idea to keep cost and distribution costs down. Splitting one release across four labels makes it so none of them will be riddled with back stock and none have to foot the entire bill. Being an Ash From Sweat release means it will also be enclosed in hand-made packaging, in this case machine printed and silk screened covers. "Test pressing are approved," Phelps notes. "And vinyl could be here any day. It's an exciting time around here!"

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Thorin Klosowski
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