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Ash Ganley

Ash Ganley's music sports virtually every element associated with the triple-A radio format: quietly gruff vocals, refined playing, arrangements that find common denominators in sturdy American genres (country, folk rock, et al.), and songs whose version of rocking out tends toward middle tempos. The production, by Don Debey and Ed Edwards, is pristine yet resonant, effectively framing Andria Ganley's harmony vocals, Christian Thiele's snappy drumming, Jeremy Lawton's Hammond and so on. But while tracks such as "Moonshine," "Trees and Powerlines" and "I Walk Alone," a solo blues showcase that tries for slow burns rather than passionate scorches, are fairly effective despite their familiarity, they feel more polite, professional and under control than is strictly necessary. Had the ingredients been cooked instead of simmered, they'd probably taste better.

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