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Astrophagus rises again as Port Au Prince

Astrophagus unceremoniously ended its run this past September at Lost Lake. Bolstering the adage that you can't keep good men down, we've learned that the Cain brothers, Jason and Josh, are about to resurface as Port Au Prince, with a little help from their friends Hunter Dragon on drums, Brian Gerhard on guitar and Tyler Campo on bass.

Port Au Prince doesn't plan on making its debut anytime soon, though. "We're focused on recording first," says guitarist and vocalist Jason Cain. "I think we want to get these songs really ready to go before we play out, but it'll probably be in January or February." With Brian Gerhard's Audioloom at their disposal, the recording is already in the works, but the bandmembers are taking their time to get the music into an ideal state.

The outfit is also taking a different approach to songwriting this time around. Instead of Jason Cain coming in with songs and lyrics at the ready, the band will be taking a more collective approach. "I was always this overlord character," Cain allows. "But this time, it's much more democratic and an open exchange of ideas."

Those ideas are also less experimental than fans of Astrophagus might be used to. Port Au Prince will be a bit more straightforward, a bit more rock and have a few more guitars. Even Josh Cain, who was known to wrangle electronics into warbled, pulsating states in Astrophagus, will be taking it easy with just synth and piano (!) this time around.

While it will be a couple of months before we get to hear exactly what Port Au Prince really sounds like, the band seems excited about the new possibilities and the direction in which it's heading.

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