At the upcoming CD release, the Say So says so

You could say the Say So kind of sounds like the Killers in the aggressive drums and quick stabs of guitar, or you might say the band calls to mind At the Drive-In in the vocal acrobatics and the way it plays with tempo-changing breakdowns. You probably would not compare it to a jam band. Yet that's exactly how the Say So started out under the moniker En Plein Air.

Now getting ready to release its first record under the new name, the Say So is honing a sound that takes its pop-punk base and applies a certain amount of hardcore sensibility for something that's a little more ambitious, yet still easily approachable. In time for the upcoming CD release show at the Marquis Theater on Friday, Westword caught up with the Say So to talk about maturing musically, changing names and not being ashamed of Boyz II Men.

Westword: How did you guys start out in this band? Sean Palmer: Well us three--Chris and Robbie and I--have been playing together for about three years. We had a band before the Say So with a few other members, and we kind of just started out as a jam band, and then it progressed into something where we actually wanted to write songs, compose and stuff. So then we changed our name from En Plein Air to the Say So, just kind of to get a fresh start. WW: When you say you were a jam band, you mean you just weren't composing? You'd just come up with riffs and jam on them?

SP: Yeah, I mean, it was just more of a thing where--I don't know, we were listening to a lot of Umphrey's McGee and stuff like that. And just like everyone, your music styles change, and what you listen to, and we kind of matured musically in what we wanted to do and whatnot.

WW: When you changed the name, was that a conscious effort to get away from that sound, or toward a new sound? Robbie Spradling: When En Plein Air released that EP, we were already moving into the kind of style we play now.

SP: I mean, you listen to that previous EP that we have, and it's not like completely different. That was kind of the first thing we did with a modern rock-sounding album, and then we just kind of developed after that.

WW: What are you listening to now?

SP: I mean, I listen to tons of different stuff. I think we have bands that we all like to listen to, like Circuit Survive, Emma Rosa, Beyond the Coast. Indie bands, bigger bands--we listen to John Mayer, tons of stuff. I will occasionally pop in Boyz II Men into my car. I'm not ashamed.

The Say So CD Release Party With The Foot Friday, June 25 Marquis Theater 2009 Larimer Street 303-292-0805

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