Autotune to the freak of dawn with Mizz BIS

It's a Freaky Friday double-shot! Can you ever have enough Autotune? Not if this week's Freaky Friday twofer Mizz Black Italia Spice is to believed. This may the Autotuniest song ever. It may also be the worst song ever, independent of its reckless overuse of Autotune.

It's a ramshackle, barely congealed mess of Casio beats, rinky-dink keyboard sounds and "lewd" rapping. Imagine an R&B song as created by someone who'd never actually heard an R&B song, but had heard numerous descriptions. It's kind of like that. Only, perhaps worse.

Depending on your point of view and degree of charity, this could actually be a brilliant satire of ridiculous trends in R&B -- the overuse of autotune, the incredibly dumb "sex you up" lyrics, the haphazard stabs at production. But probably, it's just a cry for help from a very lonely person. You be the judge.


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