Backbeat Exclusive: Free unreleased track from The Swayback, plus a first look at "St. Francis"

Earlier this week, we chatted with Swayback bassist and frontman Eric Halborg, and he promised some new material from the band. Halborg has delivered, offering Backbeat a first look at "St. Francis," a video for the yet-to-be released track that is part of a slew of new recordings The Swayback will be rolling out after the new year.

The footage for "St. Francis" was taken after The Swayback's performance at this year's Rock N' Rev festival in Sturgis, South Dakota. The kicker? It was all done -- audio and video -- on two iPhones, one belonging to Halborg and the other belonging to "Die Finks" directer and friend Robert Fraser. Halborg says the 3 a.m. performance was totally impromptu, in front of a handful of kids and friends the band had been hanging out with at the fest.

Also, Italian label Sheyrec Records is releasing a Christmas compilation that features The Swayback's "What A Pity," and is available for free download beginning today. Though it is not a new track, it will be the first release of the recording the band did in Los Angeles with famed producer Andy Johns.

So, Merry Christmas, from The Swayback and Backbeat!

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