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Backbeat Readers Unite! Let's get The Hollyfeld's Kate a new smile.

Vote for me!
Denver's music fans are blessed with an absurd amount of local talent, and we have an opportunity right now to show our appreciation by making a huge difference in the life of one of our best local musicians. All you have to do is click that Vote for me! link beneath the video above.

Kate Grigsby, one of the two beguiling vocal talents in The Hollyfelds, has a hereditary condition that causes her teeth to discolor, crack and ultimately fall out. She's too busy making awesome music and teaching little kids how to do the same to have a big fancy job that might cover a massive dental overhaul, but 1-800-DENTIST is giving away a $30,000 Smile Makeover to whoever can accumulate the most votes by December 1.

As you can see from her video submission, she's written a creative little ditty and goes on to explain her condition and how it impedes her diet, gives her headaches/severe and painful TMJ and keeps her up at night. And that's all before you get into the social issues.

Voting is a cinch, no registration or anything like that, just go to her page on the contest's website by clicking somewhere in here. There, you'll find a handy green vote button. You can vote once a day until the contest ends on December 1st.

Bookmark it. Bookmark it on your friend's computers when they aren't looking. Explain to your grandma how the internet works and have her vote. Tweet the link. Whatever you need to do. Let's make this happen.

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